Anxiety and sexuality: Sexual Anxiety and Treatments

Anxiety and sexuality: Sexual Anxiety and Treatments

Anxiety and sexuality

Stress and anxiety are very prevalent in our world, whether for students while they are in school, working people, or, of course, those who are unemployed, parents with their children, the elderly. But stress influences sexuality. In what ways, that's what you're going to explain to us.

The stress and anxiety related to sexuality can already begin well before the beginning of sexual relations. If you parent, or your life experiences convey to you the idea that sexuality is dirty, it's ugly, or it's dangerous, that all men are bastards or all the women of people who do not think that to take advantage of you, it creates conditions for you to be anxious even before starting your sex life!

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Prevent Anxiety

 It is considerable that anxiety and stress are the main discomfort of our decade. It's amazing how many sexual issues that consider to be related to anxiety.

Let's first define two kinds of anxiety that can affect your sex life.

Daily anxiety

This type of anxiety is present almost every day and usually results from Superman Syndrome or Superwoman Syndrome.

Impression of always running out of time

Feelings of being overwhelmed by everyday life

Being nervous and having less patience

Feeling of losing control

In short, there is not much room in the schedule for sexuality! And if a moment is released, it is the fatigue that embarks and the desire is not for all that. People with superman Syndrome or Superwoman tend to have busy calendars and all available time should be maximized and constructive. In the long run, this rhythm of life becomes suffocating and strongly impedes the desire for rapprochement.

How many times have I heard?

"It's impossible to let me go completely as long as my to-do list is not completed."

Unfortunately, this list is increasing from day to day and in the end, the reconciliations occur rarely or never.

Anxiety and sexuality

Please if you have any questions about Anxiety and sexuality, you can ask us by commenting below this text, we'll answer you as soon as possible.

Tips for Removing Daily Anxiety

Leave some moments in your agenda and write -IMPRÉVUS-

It takes these kinds of moments in your schedule, because you will always feel overloaded and anxiety will be at its peak if you have a real unforeseen. No unforeseen? Take the opportunity to relax.

List the priorities

Personally, I hold lists of all kinds. They help me relativize my time and manage my priorities. At this point, what is the top 5 of your priorities? From this list, what can you do to fill them? One by one, check them at the pace that suits you.

Give you the right to pleasure

It is absolutely necessary to release all this tension otherwise you will blow up. You are in the crockery and your partner takes you by surprise and shows you a sudden sexual desire Believe me; the dishes can wait. Enjoy this moment of spontaneity to find yourself and have fun.

Schedule couple moments

At least once a month, your calendar should contain a placeholder for your couple. A weekend in an inn, a getaway elsewhere in Quebec, a show, a movie night, etc. It is essential for the health of your couple. This moment will be perfect to make you get off the daily routine!

Sexual anxiety

Beyond daily anxiety, there is that intimately related to sexuality. Although sex is considered an effective way to reduce stress, it can be the source of it. Here are some examples:

A lack of self-esteem

When our self-esteem is not at its best, it is difficult to completely surrender to the other. There is always this voice that sends us back to doubts about our power of desirability. The fear of not being beautiful / beautiful, the fear of our complexes, etc.

Bad experiences

Past experiences can be a source of non-negligible sexual anxiety. This is the case of sexual abuse, physical, psychological and sexual harassment, domestic violence, etc.


The sex education we have received can also have a negative effect on our sexuality. For example, some parents may clumsily transmit that the sex is dirty and that it is absolutely not necessary to indulge in it. This negative image can remain embedded in our head and cause sexual anxiety that continues into adulthood.

Performance anxiety

We tend to believe that it is mostly men who suffer from performance anxiety but women too. It's the fear of not being up to the job, not being able to give pleasure to others, to ejaculate too quickly, not to orgasm, not to be demonstrative enough), too much, etc.

What to do to counteract sexual anxiety?

Signs of daily and or sexual anxiety are numerous. Decreased libido, difficulty in having or maintaining an erection, inadequate lubrication in women, negative thoughts about sexuality, unpleasant mental images of past experiences, etc.

First, discuss it with your partner. Together, you will be able to evaluate possible solutions to improve your situation. If the tension rises during sex, do not hesitate to talk about it immediately. Take a break. Breathe well. Do not put too much pressure on yourself and go at your own pace.

Do not hesitate to meet a sexologist to discuss the sources of your anxiety! He or she will know how to give you some strategies to help you enjoy a more Zen sex!

Anxiety and sexuality

Please if you have any questions about Anxiety and sexuality, you can ask us by commenting below this text, we'll answer you as soon as possible.

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