What is Afinitor: How to Use, Side Effects, Dosage

What is Afinitor: How to Use, Side Effects, Dosage

What is Afinitor

Afinitor is used to treat certain types of kidney cancer, breast cancer, or brain tumors. It is also used to treat certain types of advanced or progressive tumors of the stomach, intestine or pancreas.

Afinitor (everolimus) is a cancerous drug that is associated with the growth of cancer cells and causes it to spread in the body. Afinitor is also used to treat certain types of seizures or non-cancerous (benign) brain or kidney tumors in people with a genetic condition called complex tubular sclerosis. AFINITOR (everolimus) and AFINITOR DISPERZ (everolimus tablets for oral suspension) are kinase inhibitors. The molecular formula is C53H83NO14 and the molecular weight is 958.2.

This pharmacy guide provides information on the Afinitor everolimus brand. Zortress is another brand of everolimus that is used to prevent the rejection of urea after kidney transplantation.

Please if you have any questions about Afinitor and Cancers, you can ask us by commenting below this text, we'll answer you as soon as possible.

How to use Afinitor

You may take the medicine with or without food, but take it in the same way.

Do not use regular Afinitor tablets with a spray tablet. Use only one form of this medication. Do not increase your dose or prescribe it more or more than your medicine. Your condition will not improve faster and your risk of serious side effects will increase.

Use this medication regularly to benefit more from it. To help you remember, put it at a time every day.

If you use this drug, avoid grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice unless your doctor or pharmacist tell you to do it. Grapefruit can increase the likelihood of side effects. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for details.

Dosage of Afinitor

AFINITOR and AFINITOR DISPERZ are two different dosage forms. Based on the marker, select the recommended dosage form. Do not combine AFINITOR and AFINITOR DISPERZ to reach the total dose.

Dose changes for patients with liver dysfunction or for consumers inhibit or result in drugs that inhibit or exacerbate Pgp (P-gp) and CYP3A4 [minor changes to liver disorders, changes in Dose for P-Gp, and inhibitors CYP3A4, Dose Changes for P-Gp and CYP3A4 Inducers].

Symptoms of over dose

If someone has overdosed and has serious symptoms such as passing out or trouble breathing, get medical help right away.

Please if you have any questions about Afinitor and Cancers, you can ask us by commenting below this text, we'll answer you as soon as possible.

Side Effects of Afinitor

This medication may affect the fertility of men and women. Consult your doctor for details.

Everolimus can usually be a mild rash, which is usually not serious. However, it may be able to detect it from a rare beverage that can be a sign of severe allergic reaction. Therefore, see a doctor in case of any rash.

Stop using Afinitor and contact your doctor if you have:

Blaster or mouth ulcer, red gingiva or swelling, swallowing problem;

Lung problems - new or worsening cough, chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath.

Symptoms of infection - fever, chills, fatigue, joint pain, skin rash.

Kidney problems - little or no urine; swelling in your legs or ankles;

Liver problems - Nausea, loss of appetite, stomach pain (right upper), dark urine, gray stool, jaundice (yellow skin or eyes);

Red blood cell count - Flu symptoms, skin ulcers, easy bruising, unusual bleeding, pale skin, cold hands and feet, dizziness;

Any wound that can not be cured

A surgical cut is red, hot, swollen, painful, bleeding, or radiation therapy.

If you have any side effects, your cancer treatment may be delayed or stopped permanently.

Side effects of the usual opioid may include:

Fever, cough, infection, feeling weak or tired

Mouth ulcers;

Nausea, loss of appetite;

Swelling anywhere from your body;


Missed menstruation courses;

Headache or

High blood sugar - increased thirst, increased urine, dry mouth, fruity breath.

This list is not the full list of side effects and others may occur.

The following serious adverse reactions are:

Non-Infectious Pneumonitis


Severe Hypersensitivity Reactions

Angioedema with Concomitant Use of ACE inhibitors


Renal Failure

Impaired Wound Healing

Metabolic Disorders


Clinical Trials Experience

It may increase the risk of a rare, but very serious, (sometimes mortal) mortality. If any of these side effects are unpleasant, but very serious, you would continuously have any of these unpleasant, get medical help right away: weakness, sudden thinking (such as confusion, difficulty concentrating), muscle movement problems, speech problems, Seizure, vision changes

This allergic reaction is rare. However, if you notice signs of a severe allergic reaction, including itching, itching / swelling (especially face / tongue / throat), severe dizziness, difficulty breathing, see your doctor in a timely manner.

This is not a complete list of possible side effects.

Drugs that may interact with Afinitor 

Many medications can interact with everolimus, in particular:

Heart medications or blood pressure;

Antibiotic or antifungal medicine;

Medication for the treatment of hepatitis C or HIV / AIDS;

Seizure medications

Saint John's yeast;

Drugs that weaken the immune system, such as cancer medicine, steroids, and medications to prevent organ transplant rejection.

TB drugs; or

This is not a complete list and many other medications may interact with everolimus.

For whom Afinitor might not be safe

If you have an allergy to ever be able to have Rapamune or Torisel, you should not use Afinitor.

If you have ever had, tell your doctor:

An active or chronic infection;

Liver disease, especially hepatitis B;

kidney disease;

Diabetes or high blood glucose;

High cholesterol;

If you are scheduled to receive any vaccine; or

High blood pressure.

Use Afinitor while pregnancy

Both men and women should use effective birth control to prevent pregnancy. If the mother or father has taken this medicine, Everolimus would be upset for the baby child or cause defect. If you are a woman, use weight control at least 8 weeks after the last dose of Afinitor. If you are a man, continue at least 4 weeks after the last dose of birth control. If pregnancy occurs, tell your doctor immediately if your mother or father uses Afinitor.

Afinitor Warnings

At room temperature in the main container, keep away from moisture, heat and light. Keep the dispersible tablets in a flask blister pack. Everolimus can make you more likely to infect or make any current infection worse. Therefore, wash your hands well to prevent the spread of infection. Avoid contact with people who have infections that may spread to others (such as the virus, measles, influenza). If you are at an infection or consult your doctor for details.

This medicine may cause you dizziness. Alcohol or marijuana causes dizziness. Do not drive, use machines, or do anything that you need to be alert to as long as you can safely do it. Limit alcohol drinks. Talk to your doctor if you use marijuana.  Use caution to reduce the risk of falling, bruising or damage, with care with sharp objects such as shaving and nail cutting, and preventing activities such as exercise.

Vaccination / vaccination without your physician's consent. Do not use contact with people who have recently received a live vaccine (such as seasonal influenza vaccine).

Before your surgery, tell your doctor or dentist all the products you are using (including prescription drugs, over-the-counter prescriptions, and herbal products).

Please if you have any questions about Afinitor and Cancers, you can ask us by commenting below this text, we'll answer you as soon as possible.

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